Kiwi City of Volcanoes

Auckland is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most historic cities apart from it being the largest and most populous, making it one of the country’s most important tourist hubs. Situated by two large harbours, Auckland combines natural beauty and city scapes, drawing in visitors for leisure and business alike all year round.

Auckland has a plethora of activities and attractions on offer for every kind of traveller, giving visitors the luxury of choice in terms of experiences. It is world-renowned for being home to a number of volcanoes, islands and mountains. To add to its beauty, the city is dotted with beautiful green parks, gardens and lakes. You can head to one of the numerous viewpoints around the city for a beautiful view of the natural landscapes with the gorgeous modern skyscrapers, making Auckland’s cityscape a treat to the eye. With New Zealand’s reputation for adrenaline activities, Auckland is a hub for adventure sports. Due to the proximity to the water and the massive harbours, the city is known worldwide for its love affair with boats and the ocean, so much so it is called the ‘City of Sails‘ and has dominated America’s Cup in recent years. This is well captured in the Maritime Museum of Auckland, which is just one of the several museums in the city dedicated to the fields of art, national and natural history, and even plant and animal history.